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Company Profile

  Specilize in the production of smart protection relays and assemblies on Circuit Breakers.
  Shang Hai High Tech Enterprise; more than 200 employees; annual Protection ability of 150,000 Pcs of protection relays and 500,000 Pcs of assemblies.
  China’s first smart protection relay was developed in LEIYUE in 1995; New versions of products have been assembled on various type of breakers of DW40,DW45,DW450,DW50,DW15,DW48,DW30,Mpact,3VL,KFW2,KFW2E.
  More than 500,000 Pcs of protection relays are assembled on circuit breakers produced by SHANGHAI REMMIN, CHANGSHOU BREAKER, HANGZHOU HANGSHEN, GE, SIEMENS, HYUNDAI, DAQO,SHANGHAI JINGYI,SHANGHAI HUATONG,CHINT, DELIXI,GUANGZHOU NANYANG,TIANJIN BAILI,CHANGZHENG ELECTRICAL APPARATUS,etc. Now the LEIYUE protection relays are operating stably in Russia, India, South Africa, Kenya, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, South East Asia and the European Union Countries. LEIYUE protection relays are selected for protects like the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Hong Kong Dongjiang River, Beijing West Railway Station, People’s conference Hall, Tian’an Men Square Reform, Xichang Satellite Center, USA Ambassador and etc.
  Management: Customer Relationship Management, Humane Resource Management, PDM, CAD,ERP,OA; ISO9001:2000 Quality certification,ISO14001:2004 and GB/T28001:2001 for Environment, Employee Health and Safety Certification.
  After-sale Services: 30 Service locations distributed around the country to provide 48-hour field service promise. Customer training and Automation software services are provided by the company.